Building website

Your website is a visual tool for promoting your business online.

Website development is a complex process that requires the right technology to make it successful. With the right technology, websites are secure and easy to use, thus increasing visibility in the online environment.

What do we offer?

1. A redesigned website made with passion and creativity using the latest technologies (Qwik, Angular, React, Bootstrap)

2. Modern design, 100% Responsive Surprise your customers with a modern web design that highlights your activity

3. Administration panel Easily manage an unlimited number of web pages, simply and quickly from any device

4. SEO optimization for interactive Google Ads campaigns. You can run ads, regardless of budget


We work with the latest technologies on the market that offer high website performance.

1. For web development we use: Angular, React

2. Content management: Strapi, Pocketbase, Firebase

3. Database: SQL, NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

4. Custom API integration with other online platforms.

STEP 1 - Vision

Discussion with the client to understand the vision, requirements and purpose of the site.

STEP 2 - Offer

The client's requirements will be analyzed and a customized site plan and quote will be generated.

STEP 3 - Implementation

Based on the plan, the necessary changes for the website will be implemented.

STEP 4 - Feedback

During the process, the client provides feedback to improve the website within the limits of the proposed plan.

STEP 5 - Update

Changes discussed, debated, and proposed by the client will be made.

STEP 6 - Delivery

After a final check, the website will be delivered to the domain in the test subdomain.


For further information

We provide the best possible service to our customers and are always looking for ways to improve. Testimonials, feedback and reviews from our customers are an important part of this process.

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